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  • The laws of the State of Israel alone apply to the website for all intents and purposes. The exclusive venue, where all matters stemming from or relating to the use of this website, directly or indirectly, will be heard, is the competent Jerusalem District Courts.

Website Content:

  • The information and content are transmitted “as is”. Any party using the information and content appearing on the website does so under their full and exclusive responsibility, and shall not be entitled to make any claim, demand and/or complaint, of any kind, against Rafa Ltd. or any party acting on its behalf.
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  • By using the website, the user agrees that Rafa Ltd. shall not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage or injury of any kind whatsoever, which may be caused to the user as a result of consulting Rafa Ltd. and/or as a result of the use or reliance on the content and services provided on the website and/or which were sent to the user by Rafa Ltd. and/or those, which can be accessed through the website and/or as a result of termination of the service. The user is not entitled to make any claims concerning the loss of data and/or software they had in their possession and/or concerning any disturbances during the use of the website. The user relieves Rafa Ltd. from liability and shall not present any claim stemming from their reliance on the information posted on the website and/or the information they acquired from Rafa Ltd. and/or which can be accessed through the Rafa Ltd. website, and Rafa Ltd. shall not be held accountable by the user and/or any third party for any information posted on the website and/or which was sent to them by Rafa Ltd. and/or anyone acting on its behalf.

Contact and Registration:

  • This website allows users to contact Rafa Ltd. A user who contacts Rafa Ltd. through the website provides his consent in advance for Rafa Ltd. to contact him, and that his message will be documented and saved by the Rafa Ltd. help desk system.
  • If this website provides the option to sign up to receive updates from Rafa Ltd., and you decide to register, the said registration will constitute your consent for the updates to be sent to you, however, this does not obligate us to do so.

Links to other websites:

  • This website contains links to other websites outside of the Rafa Ltd. website. These links are provided for your convenience only. The linked websites are not controlled by Rafa Ltd., and Rafa Ltd. is not responsible for the content appearing on any one of the linked websites or for any link included on one of the linked websites, or for any changes or updates of these websites, and it is not liable for any damage, which might be caused by consulting those websites and/or by relying on their content. These websites can be providers of content and information or online shopping websites. Any information or activity conducted on those websites is the sole responsibility of those websites and the user themselves, and the Terms of Use of those websites should be read before using them.

Privacy Notice:

  • The use of this website and/or any information which will be submitted by you to Rafa Ltd. through the website, email, fax, etc. (including sensitive and private information concerning you and/or a third party), may be used for purposes of statistical analysis and for purposes of monitoring drug safety, and might therefore be transmitted to third parties as required by any law.
  • Please note: you are not required to submit any information to Rafa Ltd. By using the website and/or by consulting Rafa Ltd. you are allowing Rafa Ltd. to use the aforementioned information and transfer it to third parties as required by any law.
  • Rafa Ltd. is free to use said information for the purpose of statistical analysis and evaluation, in order to ensure service efficiency and improve our websites, and to monitor drug safety as required by law.
  • In addition, other data will be collected while you browse the website, in order to allow us to suggest additional content, which might be of interest to you, from our website, unless you send Rafa Ltd. a written message requesting the removal of your name from the mailing list.
  • Please do not use this website if you do not consent to this Policy.