Rafa was founded by Dr. Baruch Samuel Levin, a pioneer of penicillin production, and one of the first to establish a pharmaceutical company in Israel.
As a young researcher at the Hebrew University, Dr. Levin worked in his research laboratory within the university, developing and producing cattle disease vaccines, vaccines for human use, and small amounts of two forms of antibiotics: penicillin and Tirotrotzin. 

1937 – Dr. Levin begins developing and producing veterinary vaccines, in a small research lab at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. 

1948 – Dr. Levin starts producing antibiotics for export. 

1949 – Rafa Laboratories is established. The new pharmaceutical company engages in R&D, and produces penicillin, Tirotrotzin, and Streptomycin, some of which are still widely used today.  

1959 – Dr. Levin’s son, Shmaryahu Levin, joins the family business.
1973 – Dr Falk and Boehringer Ingelheim, partner with Rafa. Dr. Levine retires as CEO, and appoints his son, Shmaryahu Levin, as CEO and chairman of the company. Rafa goes on to become market leader in several therapy areas: inflammatory bowel disease and sleep disorders. 

1985 – Rafa enters the pain area –introduces the first morphine controlled-release tablets (MCR) in Israel.

1990 - Rafa starts marketing OTC products.

2004 – Shmaryahu Levin announces retirement as CEO and appoints Yaron Zakhyem as Rafa’s CEO. 

2006 – Following Sharyahu Levin’s death, his son, Amir Levin, is appointed to succeed him.

2011 – Rafa lays the foundation stone of its new manufacturing facility. 

2013- The new production plant opens

2018 - Yaron Zakhyem, CEO of Rafa deceased. Anat Savyon replaced him as CEO of the company

2020 - Amir Levin appointed CEO of the company

2024 - Iddo Leshem has been appointed CEO of the company, while Amir Levin assumed the role of Vice Chairman