Partner With Us

 We are big enough to deliver yet small enough to care.
To every partnership we bring an innovative and creative mindset, and a focus on commercial excellence.
Our partners can benefit from our responsiveness and expertise to carry the relationship forward to commercialization.
Together with you, we will set up the correct, sustainable alliance format that suits your company needs and the product’s requirements. 
We are currently collaborating with various companies around the world, and we are constantly developing and pursuing sustainable partnership opportunities across various therapy areas. 

Our Partnering Principles

Rafa has a long, successful history of partnerships. These partnerships are at the core of our business model.

  •  We believe in partnerships that are built on trust, transparency, and direct communication, which are essential for any successful collaboration.
  •  We strive for open and flexible collaborations, with a creative and focused approach and an outcome driven mindset.
  •  We contribute our long-standing experience and capabilities in accordance to your needs, whether in manufacturing, commercial production,
     registration, market access, marketing or distribution, and we offer the infrastructure and know-how you need to make your product a success in Israel.
  •  We believe that  partnerships reflects a common vision and a consistent and genuine commitment by all parties to achieve this vision.
If you have a registered product or a product in development, and you are looking for a leading, reliable and flexible partner that can launch, promote or expand access for your product in Israel, please send an email to: