Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The use of the Rafa websites and of the services offered by Rafa are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Agreement:

  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully and avoid use of the sites and/or services offered by Rafa Laboratories Co. Ltd. (hereinafter – the “Company” or “Rafa”) if you do not agree with them. It is hereby clarified that use of the various sites and/or services offered by Rafa, is conditional upon your full consent to these Terms of Use. By reading of the contents of the site and making any other use of the site, you represent your consent with the said Terms of Use.
  • It is hereby clarified that these Terms of Use apply whether you are browsing the Rafa websites and/or making use of its services, through your computer and/or via an application and/or via a personal smartphone etc. Wherever the word “site” appears, it shall mean all of Rafa’s websites, jointly and severally.

2. Ownership:

  • The Rafa websites, including all of the contents, files, trademarks and any other material presented in them are the sole property of Rafa Ltd. The property rights to those materials are owned solely by Rafa. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, or present the contents and materials on Rafa’s websites without the prior written consent of Rafa.
  • Rafa shall be permitted at its sole discretion, to change the layout of the website and/or its structure and/or its contents and/or to discontinue the provision of the services on the website at any time, whether in part or in full, and even to shut down the site altogether, and/or to ament these Terms of Use, and/or any other aspect of the website including without prior notice. The user hereby waives any claim and/or demand in this context.
  • The laws of the State of Israel shall apply exclusively to any matter concerning this website. The competent courts in Jerusalem district will have sole jurisdiction over any issue related to and involving the use of this site, directly or indirectly.

3. Rafa Website Content and/or Content of the Information Transferred by Rafa:

  • The information and content is provided as-is. Anyone making use of the information and contents on the website and/or as sent by Rafa to that person, does so at his or her complete and sole responsibility and will have no claim or demand of any kind whatsoever against Rafa Ltd. and/or any individual operating on its behalf.
  • The information includes simplified medical information, which does not constitute medical opinion and/or advice. The content and information, including that provided via links to other websites, shall not be relied upon for obtaining and/or for providing medical treatment and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician. Whenever a medical condition exists or suspected to exist the patient must consult with a physician and undergo examination.
  • By using the website and/or the Rafa services the user agrees that Rafa shall not be held liable to any direct and/or indirect damage or injury of any kind, which may be incurred by the user as a result of contacting Rafa and/or resulting from the use and/or reliance on the content and services offered on the website and/or which have been sent to the user by Rafa and/or access to which was made possible via the website and/or resulting from termination of the service. The user shall have no claim due to loss of data and/or software that were in the user’s possession and/or due to interruptions during the use of the website.  The user releases Rafa and shall make no claim based on reliance on the information posted on the site and/or information that the user received from Rafa and/or access to which is made possible via the website, and Rafa shall not be held liable towards the user and/or towards any third party regarding the information posted on the website and/or regarding any information which may have been sent to the user by Rafa and/or by anyone acting on Rafa’s behalf.

4. Links to Other Websites or from Other Websites / Landing Pages Owned by Rafa:

  • This website contains links to other sites outside the Rafa website. These links are provided for the sake of convenience. Rafa has no control over the linked websites and Rafa is not responsible for the contents on any linked website or in any other site linked via the linked website. Neither is Rafa responsible to any changes or updates made to such websites and it shall not be responsible to any damage which may be incurred due to the linking to these websites and/or due to reliance on their contents. Such websites may be informational websites or online shopping websites. Any information and all actions made on these websites are the responsibility of those websites and of the users themselves and the terms of use for those websites must be read prior to their use.
  • In addition, if you have been referred to the Rafa Terms of Use from a landing page and/or from within another website owned by Rafa, be aware that the Terms of Use listed above and below apply to you as a part of the service to which you have subscribed.

5. Privacy Policy:

Rafa considers the protecting privacy to be of the utmost importance both as a value in its own right and as required by law. The guiding principles for its conduct in all matters concerning safeguarding your privacy and the privacy of the information collected concerning you - are listed below:

A. Contacting / Registration for Obtaining Advertising Content Services:

  • The site provides a way for contacting Rafa. A user who has contacted Rafa via the website agrees in advance that Rafa returns to the user through the very act of contacting Rafa. The user also agrees that this contact will be documented and stored in the contact management system at Rafa.
  • If the site contains an option to register for updates, to receive advertising and other materials from Rafa, and if you register, then the very act of registration serves as your prior consent to: (1) having Rafa or any other entity operating on its behalf return to you to demand additional information and/or in order to answer surveys or for statistical purposes, (2) having your data stored in the Rafa database, and (3) to having updates, advertising materials, and other content sent to you via direct mailing. Be aware that you are under no legal obligation to provide your details and/or to register for this service.
  • Accordingly, you agree that Rafa will transmit you, from time to time, whether directly and/or through whomever Rafa uses for this purpose, emails and text messages, phone calls or faxes, advertising materials according to the provisions of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) (Amendment 40), 2008 (the “spam law”). You agree that Rafa and through it and/or through anyone acting on its behalf, shall use the information you provide - and information it will collect regarding your usage patterns on the website - to improve the services it offers, to make contact with you in case of need according to the provisions of the spam law and the privacy protection law or for carrying out surveys, analysis and provision of statistical data to third parties. It is hereby made clear that Rafa shall provide your information to third parties on its behalf solely for the purpose of performing the above, and that third parties and/or their employees and/or whoever acts on their behalf are forbidden from using this personal information for any purpose other than that stated in this section 5A.
  • You are permitted to contact Rafa, at any time, via email, to: contact@rafa.co.il and to demand that you be removed from the mailing list and that the service be terminated. 

B. Collection of Information and Data for Tracking Safety of Medicinal Products:

Rafa is required by law to collect information for tracking the safety of medicinal products.

  • If you would like to receive information and/or report side effects and/or a quality problem and in order to enable us to process your request, the details you provide us will be kept and used in our database for collection, processing and tracking of requests and to streamline the service, as well as for information purposes in Israel and worldwide in accordance with the law. Accordingly, you agree that Rafa will be permitted to contact you in future to process the request and/or to obtain further details.
  • Be aware that you are under no legal obligation to provide us the information and/or identifying details about yourself and that you are providing them of your own free will; however, by providing such details you allow Rafa to make use of them as stated above and below.
  • If necessary, the information will be sent to professionals on behalf of Rafa and/or to the manufacturer and/or the health authorities and the companies, suppliers, and professional consultants in Israel and worldwide, while protecting and maintaining your privacy. The information will be sent without disclosing identifying details about you unless these details are necessary for processing your request and for providing an answer from another entity inside Rafa, and/or under a judicial order and/or following requirement from a competent authority. Be aware that when contacting us and thereafter, you may notify us that you are not interested in permitting your data to be stored in the database, and that if you should do so, then the details of your contact will be stored anonymously.
  • Furthermore, Rafa is permitted to use this data and to transfer it to third parties for analysis and statistical forecasts, but without using identifying details concerning you in order to ensure efficient service and to improve its websites.

C. Note:

You are permitted to view the data collected and stored by the Company according to these Terms of Use under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981 (hereinafter: the “Protection of Privacy Law”). Furthermore, you have the right, under the Protection of Privacy Law, to demand in writing that the information referring to you be corrected and/or deleted from the database, according to the law.  Note that your right to access to correct as abovementioned may be restricted by the Law.

D. Cookies:

A cookie is a piece of information automatically stored on your computer hard disk when you visit certain websites. This cookie can uniquely identify your browser to the server. Cookies enable us to store information on the server to enable you to experience improved browsing, and also to perform various analyses and to review performance regarding websites. Most Internet browsers are configured to accept cookies, however you can change your browser settings to reject all cookies or to inform you when a cookie is being sent to you. Please note, however, that it is possible that our website may not work properly if you choose to refuse to accept cookies.

E. Information Security:

Rafa is committed to ensuring that your information is protected and secured. To prevent access to personal data Rafa operates according to physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to protect and secure the information it stores. However, whereas the information security means on the website reduce the risks of unauthorized access or use of the information, absolute security is not guaranteed.

6. Changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

The Company is permitted to change the guidelines of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy from time to time. Should substantial changes be made, including regarding instructions concerning the information you have provided, notice to this effect will be posted on the website.

7. Contact Details:

You may contact Rafa with any question or request concerning these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the database. Write to Rafa Laboratories Ltd., 5 Shlomo Halevy Street, P.O.Box 405, 9100301 Jerusalem.