Partnering with Rafa

Rafa is an Israeli pharmaceutical company with a long, successful history of partnerships, dating back to the 1980s. Our partnership model gives our partners the local reach they need, with the professional support and attention that is essential for any successful alliance. 

Our fully integrated services, from manufacturing and commercial production through registration, market access, marketing and distribution – enable us to respond to the individual needs of each company. 

We have long-standing experience and capacities in marketing and sales, with a proven track record of:

  •     Successful product launches, including orphan drugs and niche drugs.
  •     Rapid market access thanks to our experts in pricing, formularies and reimbursement.
  •     Shorter time to market – faster drug registration and marketing approval.
  •     Changing treatment paradigms in various therapy areas 

If you have a registered product or a product in late-stage development, and you are looking for a strong, reliable and flexible partner that can launch, promote or expand access for your product in Israel, please send an email to: