Our Values

Rafa – A Name You Can Count On

At the heart of Rafa’s success, lies our long-term business vision, which is based on four core values:


We believe that trustworthy relationships yield the best results. That is why we strive to earn the trust of our customers and partners. Our business ties are characterized by honesty, fairness and integrity. We will always deal in an honest, open and sincere manner with customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues, the public and government. 


Because our products touch the lives of every one of us, we have committed ourselves to meeting the real needs of patients and the medical community. We work together with medical associations and support patient groups, while establishing honest and open working partnerships that make a real difference. 


Staying in tune with the dynamics of the market and proactively responding to needs and goals of all stakeholders – patients, doctors and medical institutions –  is the foundation on which Rafa’s success rests. We know that in order to be a leading pharmaceutical company, we must always anticipate and meet customer needs, and respond quickly and efficiently to changing conditions by fulfilling our customers’ expectations.


Rafa is committed to conducting its business practices in line with the highest ethical and operational standards. We operate under strict quality control and comply with the highest regulatory requirements of leading health authorities in the world.