Our Values

Rafa has a reputable position in the healthcare industry in Israel. We operate across various therapeutic areas and are an active player in the country’s healthcare system.

Four values sustain our business culture: integrity, caring, flexibility and excellence. These values guide our daily work and are reflected in everything we do.


We believe that relationships of trust yield the best results. Our collaborations are always honest, open and reliable. We strive to:

  • Comply with good business practices, laws and regulations.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • Act to protect and uphold the highest regulatory requirements.
  • Build relationships characterized by honesty, fairness and transparency.


We invest great effort in maintaining a true sense of partnership in all of our relationships: with our customers, our partners and internally among our employees.

  • We listen attentively to the needs of our partners and customers and respond with appropriate solutions.
  • We give our undivided attention to any request made by our customers and partners.
  • We always go the extra mile for our partners.
  • Our management team is open, accessible and attentive to our employees’ needs.


Our innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit enable us to respond efficiently to changing conditions, make decisions quickly, and perform proactively in service to our partners, customers and patients.

  • We are ready to adapt to new trends.
  • We proactively respond to customer needs.
  • We actively drive change.
  • We foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions.


Rafa has a daily commitment to excellence and we encourage all our employees to deliver the highest standards to all our stakeholders.

  • We conduct our business in line with the highest ethical and operational standards.
  • We focus on activities that deliver added value to partners, customers and patients.
  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility complies with the highest regulatory requirements and operates under strict quality control. It is GMP-approved for commercial production in Europe and in Israel, as well as other countries in the world.
  • We constantly invest in staff training, including ethical training and pharmacovigilance.